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Especificaciones del artículo
  • Time to mercado: Feb-12
  • Estado de los productos: Inventario
  • Wrist Support: No
  • Tipo de interfaz: USB
  • Paquete:
  • Aplicación: Escritorio,portátil,Tableta
  • Si a compatible con plug and play:
  • Es a prueba de agua: No
  • Teclado estándar: Mini teclado
  • Soporta ingeniería humana:
  • Tipo: Inalámbrico 2.4GHz
  • Estilo: Ergonomía,Versión rusa,Mínimo
  • Eje marca de la carrocería: 0
  • Full Size keyboard: No
  • Idioma: Hebreo
  • Mechanical Keyboard: No
  • Tienen una tecla de función multimedia:
  • Número de modelo: uui
  • Estilo: Spanish Version/ Hebrew Version
  • Type1: Universal
  • Type2: Russia
  • Type3: Spanish
  • Type4: Hebrew
Descripción del producto
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Type1  Universal
Type2 Russia
Type3 Spanish 
Type4 Hebrew
Default Type1  Universal 
Lithium efficient and stable, energy saving and environmental protection
To you and everyone\'s health, please do not use ordinary batteries
Dimensions: Length Width 146.8X 97.5X thick 19MM (super mini, palm size)
Color: black back, white face, white with black, such as pictures
Can be connected desktops, laptops, car TV, HTPC, big screen TV, smart TV, hard disk player, network player, X-BOX
New features instructions:
a finger on behalf of the left mouse button
The next two hands slide up and down but also on behalf of a page
On behalf of three fingers while clicking the right mouse button
Four Highlights:
1. The larger trackpad, unique double mouse button design, more convenient
2. Adjustable mouse speed, two-speed adjustable
3. Universal Nokia (BL-4C) rechargeable lithium battery, replace the battery free
The palm-sized gaming keyboard, streamlined design
This is the latest in 2014 produced a new generation of intelligent wireless keyboard touchpad, a collection of full-function keyboard and mouse, is the first choice for home entertainment, HTPC control!
Having a super good use of touch, super good shape design, the most full-featured, most portable Features
1: QWERTY keyboard, up to 92 keys
2: ergonomic design, perfect look
3: larger trackpad, a unique dual mouse button
3: innovative full-screen scrolling function, perfect experience (Fn + Touchpad)
4: replaceable lithium polymer battery can be recharged, safe, durable, universal Nokia BL-4C battery
5: use environmentally friendly materials, the whole lead-free processes, in line with ROHS standards
6: innovative smart technology to code, do not shoot the receiver is lost, worry-free sale
7: a unique hot key design, the use of more fun
* The upper left corner you can adjust music song the next song, pause, mute, sound volume, the top right corner of the four arrow keys and the Enter key.
* Dual mouse button design, more convenient;
* From top to bottom left corner of the circle button hotkeys, which are a key to turn on the player, a key to open the mail, mute, left mouse button, the upper right circle buttons from top to bottom are a key to open the search, a key to open the I The computer, open the browser home page, right-click;
* With F1-F12 keys;
* Press the FN does not let go and then paddling touchpad scroll bar to look at the page;
* Press the FN does not let go and press the Spacebar adjustable mouse speed, two-speed adjustable
* Streamline design, two-handed operation, gain control, game-like feel
* Fine workmanship, first-class industrial design, own gifts to share



Detalles del paquete
  • Tipo de unidad: unidad
  • Peso del paquete: 0.2kg (0.44lb.)
  • Dimensiones del paquete: 15cm x 10cm x 2cm (5.91in x 3.94in x 0.79in)
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Detalles del paquete
  • Tipo de unidad: unidad
  • Peso del paquete: 0.2kg (0.44lb.)
  • Dimensiones del paquete: 15cm x 10cm x 2cm (5.91in x 3.94in x 0.79in)
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